Purpose: The Heaters are designed for use in consumer equipment (fan heaters, convectors, electric utensils, irons, food heaters, etc), in industry (production area heaters, devices for food moisture monitoring, drying cabinets, etc.), in tobacco and printing industry, in automobile industry, in copiers, and in the other fields of engineering.
Design: The base of the heater is a steel plate (1) of 1-3 mm thickness, where high temperature glass-ceramic layer (2) of 100-150 mkm thickness is located. On glass-ceramic layer, a 30-40 mkm thickness cermet heating element (3) is located which is designed in the form of a flat spiral. By special high temperature solder (6), conductive wires (5) are connected to pads (4) of the heating element. When it is provided by the device design, the heater is covered by a protective glass-crystal layer (7) over the whole area.

Technology: The heater production process is based on highly productive thick-film technology and includes the sequence of operations of application and burning-in of special set of composition paste. It results in relatively low cost of the heater and good reproducubility of parameters.

  • low consumption of materials;
  • low heat lag;
  • high rate of heating up, possibility to reach the heater specific power up to 25 W/cm2 in case of efficient heat removal provision;
  • possibility of production the heater of any form, with dimensions up to 200 x 150 mm2 and with holes for mounting;
  • the set of pastes used for heater production. The pastes don't contain critical materials and precious metals;
  • the lack of heat barrier between resistive layer and steel base enables to reach power saving up to 15-20%, compared to traditional design of tubular heaters, keeping operation characteristics of electric c onsumer devices and other devices;
  • technology flexibility provides the possibility of reorganization of production lines for the shortest period of time in order to manufacture new types of heaters.




12-380V AC and DC

Operating temperature

up to 350oC

PLEN insulation (for protection from electric current injury) provides possibility of heater to be used in electric consumer devices of 0;0I;I;III protection classes according to State Standard 27570.0-87.

Mass Production: The heaters are serially produced in accordance with specification 400 MP "A" 600.313-248-01-92. Three types of the heaters are produced: PLEN-P (rectangular), PLEN-K (round or circular), and PLEN-KT (for certain types of devices).

Organization of the serial production of the heater new types according to the customer specs for the shortest period of time (2-3 months) is possible.

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